Players can trade Resources, Heroes, Lands, Buildings, and Items in the Marketplace. Players are also able to rent their NFT items in the marketplace. There are many filters and sorting options to help you to find what you are looking for.
The Marketplace has 4 Main sections: Lands, Units (Troops), Resources, and Items. You can filter and sort by rarity, level, price, etc. to find what you are looking for, that is better for your strategies.
You can buy NFTs from available offers or you can place a bid with your desirable price.
By clicking on each item in the Marketplace, you will see its order book containing a list of sell and buy offers for that item. you can sell your item to available buy offers, or buy items from available sell offers or place your own offer.
Trading in the marketplace has a 5% fee only from one side. For example, if someone sells a land for 100 CLEGs, the buyer will pay 100 CLEGs, and seller will receive 95 CLEGs.