There are Treasure Islands with different difficulties to deal with. Some of them are harder to deal with them on your own and of course, they contain more treasures. You can join a guild or create your own guild and play with your friends to occupy Island and defend it from other players' invasion.
Every guild has a leader. The leader can set a time to start the adventure for treasure island. Anyone who wants to join the adventure should send his/her units to the guild before that time. The chief also set the minimum and the maximum number of each unit required to start the adventure.
The adventure will start immediately if the maximum number of the required units had joined the battle. The leader should set the formation of units before starting the adventure.
if the required minimum units, do not get filled by guild members on the time that the guild leader has set, the adventure will be canceled.

Adventure Reward Share

Every player who joined the adventure will get a share based on how much damage and healing his/her units delivered and received in the battle(s).
Player Score = total damage dealt + total damage received + total healing delivered
Player Reward Share = (Player Score / Players Total Score) * Total Reward