Free to Play

Players can play or even earn game tokens without investment in various ways including:

Free Mining

Each player has a free CLEG Token Mine with level 0 also there is a free NFT land in the marketplace called "Desert" that players can start mining without investing. When a player mines up Desert land tokens, he/she can get another free Desert land from the Marketplace, again and again.

Referral Program

By referring your friends to the game. With our unique referral program, you can earn lots of money.
You can get your referral link in the
"My Referral" section and share it with your friends. there is a page where you can monitor your referral stats. You can also get multiple referral links and have separated referral stats on each link.
My Referrals Page
By inviting friends you will earn from:
  • 5% reward for every invitee’s deposit.
  • 100% of the trading fee of your invites in the marketplace.
  • 4% equivalent bounty bonus of invitees’ mining income.
All Revenue will be paid from the reward pool and will not get deducted from the invitees' income of funds.
The invitee will also receive 1% more from mining if they join by a referral link.
These privileges are meant for 6 months since the invitee's join date.

Free tokens and NFTs

  1. 1.
    Contribute to marketing campaigns for airdrop and bounties for free tokens and NFTs.
  2. 2.
    Daily Quests Claims
  3. 3.
    Referral new users and earn a percentage of their investment