Chain of Legends Whitepaper


On the Adventure page, you can choose to send your troops to Dungeons and defeat monsters then collect hidden treasures there or send them to Treasure Island to


You can send your troops to find a dungeon and fight monsters and defeat them to get treasures from the dungeons. It may take a few days for your troops to find a dungeon. There is a chance for you to find rare items for your troops or if you have free spot in you barracks you may capture dragons or goblins in dungeons in order to use them in your army in future adventures.

Treasure Island

You can set your army to explore and find treasures. It may take one day up to ten Days to find a treasure island. There might be monsters on the island therefore you have to defeat them to capture the island. Collecting speed depends on the sum of the attack power of your heroes and it's 1 CLEG per 2 attack power per day. And also, you have to be ready to defend yourself from the ambush of other players to capture your island. You can create walls to make a defense advantage.
If you see that someone is already on the island, you can attack him/her to capture the island. You can Scout the island by paying some CLEG to get valuable information about enemy units and defensive structures or you can dismiss this island and continue exploring new islands.